Kathleen Laughlin...films that women want to see.

Film collection by Kathleen Laughlin

Some of these works date back to the '70s,some are newer; all have had only limited distribution. I own or share the copyright, and all sales will be appropriately split!
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My People Are My Home

The original 1976 film made by the T.C. Women's Film Collective with the late writer/activist Meridel LeSueur. Poetic/Socialist history of the Midwest.

Hot Bird, Then & Now

A documentary from 1999 on Minneapolis sculptor Steve Jensen as he works with 1/4" steel, making penguins and female figures—with a twist! It's about time, process, and a creator's love.

Unwasted Stories:
Approaching Minnesota's Waste Issues

A 1988 doc on Minnesota's waste and energy travesties in relation to its history, geography and myth. Specific, informative, and amusing.


A dramatic journey through the madness of women's addictions and the struggle to let go. A beautiful film adapted from the play by Martha Boesing and At the Foot of the Mountain Theater in 1983.

Great Branches, New Roots
The Hmong Family

The Hmong immigrants in this video are from clans in Laos who assisted the US in the Vietnam War. Real-life stories from the first settlement—early 1980s—in St. Paul, MN, reveal an amazing family structure, soon to come under seige.

Kathleen's Old Shorts

Seven short films from the decade 1970-80, all unique fruits of a loving art ethic—had to try it, had to learn to fly! A Round Feeling, Disappearance of Sue, Madsong, Susan Through Corn, Gone By, Opening/Closing, and Tomato Story.