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A film by Kathleen Laughlin
A film by Kathleen Laughlin

JUNKIE!  is a dramatic film created by recovering addicts — all women. Their drugs of choice range from alcohol to speed...to food...to work...to sex...to violence...to romantic love...to buying things...

video released 1983        60 minutes        $30.00

Each performer introduces herself to the camera, ending with the 'child of God' clown — emblem of the innocent and unaddicted one in us all. As they start to party, she questions the others' behavior; they unmask her. Then, as a loosely fabricated family, they all act out various obsessions as their lives - chained to chemical and other dependencies - descend into deep despair. Characters and scenes continue to transform -- loud laughter, wrenching cries, silliness, sadness, hopelessness. A film by Kathleen Laughlin Then, attempts to fill the void, remembering times before the emptiness. The climax comes as one 'lets go—literally falls—from a high ladder, but carefully caught by the others. The tone changes, focuses on the sweetness of recovery, discarding old baggage, and becoming themselves.

The play sold out At The Foot of the Mountain (a collective theater) in Minneapolis for both its runs, then widely toured the state. Before the cast wore out, play director Martha Boesing and filmmaker Kathleen Laughlin developed a film adaptation -- with lots of help from Director of Photography, Greg Cummins. The film version had a short theatrical run locally at the Varsity theater, traveled to the Berlin Film Festival, and was a hit with the Chem Dep institutions for years (including Hazelden); it speaks effectively to woman, and guess what—it's still not out of date! And amazingly, all the stories are from these womens lives—they are playing themselves!

"Powerful work, born of truth and real emotion" — Peter Vaughn, Minneapolis Star & Tribune

JUNKIE!  won a FIRST PLACE AWARD at the 1984 Film Competition of the National Council on Family Relations