Kathleen Laughlin ...films that women want to see.

resume/ selected production work

2014  CO-PROD/DIRECTOR/EDITOR    We Will Harbor You: A History of Minnesota's Battered Womens' Movement 60 min DVD (work in progress —see the earlier title and fundraising efforts at www.wewillharboryou.com)
Documentary produced with Terri Hawthorne, on the history of this '70's movement, which began with a consciousness-raising group and a hotline, and led to the founding of Women's Advocates, the first battered women's shelter in the country - on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, MN. We want to share the phenomenon of how it happened in the women's own voices. We will track 40 years of leadership and innovation in Minnesota, as it turned heads, hearts and systems across the world. Available mid 2014.

2012 DIRECTOR/EDITOR   Minnesota Potters: Sharing the Fire   60 min DVD
This documentary explores and celebrates the teaching/learning of ceramic art in Minnesota.  We look into the lives and work of 8 Minnesota potters (four pairings) whose unique relationship with each other attests to exposes a variety of ways that knowledge, experience and spirit is passed from person to person.  This doc was produced as part of an ongoing educational effort by Anoka-Ramsey Community College to broaden the horizon of all students in Minnesota who want to be potters, and audiences who are interested in the work. Initiator and producer is Mark Lambert. a teacher in the Ceramics Department at ARCC. Available through www.anokaramsey.edu/fire‎

2003 EDITOR   Building A Dream: The Moorhead Stave Church   30 min DVD
Documentary produced by Deborah Wallwork, on the making of a replica of a Viking Age Norwegian Church - how it came to be in Minnesota, what it took to construct it, and why it looks the way it looks. Located on the grounds of the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, MN, it is a beautiful symbol of the Norwegian heritage so prevalent in the Red River Valley. Available through Red Eye Video (651) 216-4610

2002 PROD/DIR/EDITOR  The Children Remember: Life at the Minnesota State Public School for Dependent & Neglected Children   87 min DVD
An oral history journey back to this state institution in Owatonna, featuring 13 survivors' extraordinary experiences and supported by camera-caressed archival photos mixed with live re-enactments. Commissioned by the MN State School Orphanage Museum. Exhibited at 2002 Mpls/StPaul International Film Festival, voted into "Best of the Fest" category w/ 2 other films. Aired on TPT-2 and many other PBS stations across the country. Won Best Documentary Award at Fargo, ND 2003 Film Festival. Available through: museum@ci.owatonna.mn.us (email) or www.orphanagemuseum.com/documentary.php (website) or  phone: 1 800 423 6466

2001 EDITOR  I'm Sorry I Was Right: Eugene J. McCarthy   30 min DVD
Documentary produced and directed by independent Mike Hazard about the US politician, philosopher, and poet, Eugene McCarthy. Available through http://www.thecie.org/order/ or mediamike@the cie.org or  651 227 2240

1999 CO-EDITOR   Poles Apart   80 min DVD
Documentary on explorer Anne Bancroft and her team of 4 women attempting to cross Antarctica in 1994, making it to the South Pole. Produced and directed by Greg Stiever. Available through <gstiever@quest.net>

1999 PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR  Living Healthy Lives   30 min video
A "Hmong Health Promotion Project" done in English and Hmong, utilizing documentary footage of activities in the St. Paul/Mpls Hmong community, footage from a Hmong village in Thailand, and the personal narrative of Dr. Phua Xiong (the first Hmong woman doctor in the Twin Cities community) urging the Hmong to eat, excercise, and take care of their bodies. Funded by HealthEast.

1999 CO-PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR  Hot Bird, Then & Now   30 min DVD
A documentary on Minneapolis sculptor Steve Jensen as he works with steel, making penguins and figures, and pulls us through an amazing process, baring the soul of an artist. Available through laughlinkg@gmail.com

1999 EDITOR  Heart Of Bassett Place: W.Gertrude Brown and the Phyllis Wheatley House  40 min video
Historian and producer Mick Caouette's documentary on the Phyllis Wheatley Settlement House in North Minneapolis and its first and most dynamic director, Miss W. Gertrude Brown.

Available through caouette@mn.com

1999 EDITOR   Mysteries   14 min video
A tour with painter Pat Olsen, of her 1998 MFA Painting Exhibition At The College of Art & Design; elaborates on her ideas concerning a personal midlife journey based on the murals at Pompeii and the book "These Women" written by Nor Hall. Available through Patricia_L_Olsen/St_Catherine@stkate.edu

1999EDITOR  A Life of My Own   30 min video
A documentary film shot in Michigan by producer Michael Loukinen about young adults with disabilities living on their own, reclaiming their independent spirit, being paid workers, activists, and artists.

1999   EDITOR  Giant Steps: The Randy Bertish Story   60 min video
Documentary about a young actor struck by a runaway truck in 1999, who survives a most severe brain injury. Family and friends elaborate on who he was, as well as the initial hospital experience; rare footage of his 6 week emergence from his coma tells the real story; 10 years later we see his progress, a struggle still. Includes a memorable scene with Bill Cosby, a supporter and mentor for Randy today. Available through: MyGymDonna@aol.com

1998EDITOR  And On This Farm   30 min video
Educational documentary produced and directed by Diane Halverson with John Hanson on corporate pig farming as it affects a small community in northern Missouri. A longer broadcast version is in progress. Available through: diane@fieldproductions.us

1998 DIRECTOR/EDITOR   In My Experience: Immigrant Women Speak on Health Care Issues       28 min video
Documents the stories, the fears, the differences felt by immigrant women in the Twin Cities as they grapple with pieces of the health care system. Produced by Women's International Self-reliance Enterprise, Mpls, MN

1997 EDITOR /COLLABORATORSlow Food: Sustainable Agriculture and Responsible Eating   30 min video
An intimate documentary on women involved in organic and sustainable farming, produced with Linda Gammell, Michal McCall, and Sandra Menefee Taylor. Available through staylor@bitstream.net

1997 EDITOR  Wannabe   58 min DVD
Documentary produced and directed by John Whitehead about a teenage gang murder/suicide incident in his hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin. An ITVS/ KTCA/ Madison, WI PTV co-production. Aired in April 98.

1997 EDITOR  The Painted Eye   8 min DVD
A short video-essay on St. Paul artist, Jerry Rudquist, who recently died (Nov 01). Produced, directed and shot by Mike Hazard, this video portrait includes Rudquist's process of painting a self portrait of his own eye, along with other related biographical & visual material; enhanced by a Terry Riley composition performed by Zeitgeist. Aired on KTCA a million times! Available through mediamike@theCIE.org

1996 PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR  Woman On Fire: menopause stories   58 min DVD
A documentary about transformation in menopause; uses unusual photography of the natural world and slices of drama and animation to counterpoint the fabric of interviews with 25 women. Information, dreams and memories; inspiring and accessible; self distributed as home video, distributed to institutions by Filmakers Library, NYC.

1996 EDITOR  Alabama Return   28 min video
A documentary by Jeff Strate and John Whitehead for KTCA "Tape's Rolling" show. Thirty years after the civil rights violence of the summer of 1966, Jeff returns to the small town in Mississippi where he taught as a St. Olaf student, and learned lessons in life.

1995 PROD/DIR/EDITOR   I-to-I: Integrating Conflict Resolution Into the Elementary Schools   30 min video
A documentary approach to the experience of using the conflict resolution model developed by the Friends' School of Minnesota. The video is excellent at showing close up actual examples of the conflict resolution process happening in real spur-of-the-moment situations; shot in schools in Minneapolis and Brainerd, MN.

Available through Lili Herbert, 1409 Englewood Ave, St. Paul, MN 55104

1993 PRODUCER/EDITOR  Strides   30 min video
An advocacy piece about 5 young AFDC moms whose participation in the "Stride" educational/job counseling program (unfortunately no longer in existence) afforded them education, skills, job choices and a new outlook. Produced for Henn Co. Office of Public Affairs.

1992 CO-PRODUCER/EDITOR  Swimming in AIDS   57 min video
An intense documentary focusing on Kevin, a person with AIDS living in NYC, and his "care group", 3 people he chose to help him on his journey. Aired on KTCA"S "MNTV" series in 92; produced with Robert Schwartz, available through MN AIDS Project (MAP)

1991 COLLABORATOR/PROD/DIR/EDITOR Mah   20 min video
Dramatic sketch about 2 characters searching for their ancestor; experimental effects enhance the visions; written and performed by Mary Easter, African-American dancer and poet in Minnesota.

1991 DIRECTOR/EDITOR  Challenge to the Cultural Community: Arts Over AIDS    15 min video
Documentary encouraging non-profit groups to incorporate AIDS-related programming, PWA commissions, & workplace policies. Produced by Robert Schwartz for AOA.

1990 PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR  Spirit To Spirit: Women Empowered in Recovery   30 min video
Documentary produced for Hazelden on 5 women recovering from alchohol, drugs, and over-eating. The women's stories are diverse, personal, and memorable, intercut w/scenes from their lives and natural surroundings. Available through Hazelden Educational Materials, Center City, MN

1988 PROD/DIR/EDITOR  Unwasted Stories: Approaching Minnesota's Waste Issues   73 min video
Documentary that looks at some specific waste and energy travesties in light of Minnesota history, geography and myth. Aired locally on KTCA, and nationally on "The 90's".

1987 CO-DIRECTOR/EDITOR  All of Us and AIDS   30 min video
A live action drama about a senior high video class dealing with the early impact of AIDS; written and co-directed by St. Paul playwright John Fenn and John Kalbrenner, produced by Catherine Jordan, distributed by New Day Films.

1987 EDITOR  Job Plus: The Continuing Partnership    16 min video
Presents, in documentary fashion, the various aspects of a program designed for disadvantaged young women to learn and work. Produced by Robert Schwartz for the Dayton Hudson Company, 3

1987 EDITOR  Ten Feet Tall   9 min video
Intercuts interview footage of ten of the YWCA's former "Women of the Year" award winners: presenting words of experience from highly respected local women such as Judge Rosalie Wahl, Rep. Phyllis Kahn, Dr. Betty Jerome, Jan Hively, artists Libby Larsen and Maria Cheng, and others. Produced by Robert Schwartz for the Mpls YWCA

1986 COLLABORATOR/EDITOR  Whisper, the Wind, the Waves   30 min film
Documentary on issues of older women, created from footage of performance artist Suzanne Lacy's 1984 "event" on the beach at La Jolla, CA; chosen for inclusion on "A Sense of Place," a Learning Channel Series, and later on PBS. Distributed by Terra Nova Films, Chicago

1983 CO-DIRECTOR/EDITOR  Junkie!   60 min film
Drama on the subject of addiction, adapted from the successful play by Martha Boesing, performed by the cast from the theater collective At the Foot of the Mtn.

1982-83 CO-PRODUCER/EDITOR  Great Branches, New Roots: The Hmong Family   45 min film
Documentary about the initial years of Hmong refugees settling in Minnesota, focusing on their amazing family structure, long before it was threatened; self-distributed.

1981 CINEMATOGRAPHER Finnish American Lives and Tradition Bearers
2 documentaries on the Finnish culture in Northern Michigan and Minnesota; produced by Dr. Michael Loukinen of Northern Michigan University.

1980 DIRECTOR/EDITOR  Picasso 30 min film Documents the events surrounding the Picasso Exhibition brought to Minneapolis by the Walker Art Center under Martin Friedman's direction; a KTCA special, broadcast by PBS.

1978-79  FIELD PRODUCER 13 "Wyld Ryce" Segments   each 5-15 min video
World class artists such as George Segal, as well as local groups and performers, are subjects for work on these samplings from KTCA's weekly arts magazine.

1978 PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR  ABT Journal     30 min video
A documentary with a diary approach about the magic of the American Ballet Theatre bringing their performances to Minneapolis for the first time in 22 years; a KTCA special, broadcast on PBS.

1977 CO-DIRECTOR/EDITOR  Minnesotanos-Mexicanos   60 min, 16mm film
This documentary on the Mexican-Americans' history and their lives in Minnesota aired on KTCA and the Spanish International Network. Produced with Don Morstad for the Spanish Speaking Cultural Club of St. Paul.

1976 EDITOR  My People Are My Home   50 min, 16mm film, now DVD
A work about and narrated by Meridel Le Sueur, activist and once black-listed writer who died in 11/96. This doc by Twin Cities Women's Film Collective folds Meridel's own radical story into the larger political history of the Midwest. Available through Midwest Villages & Voices (612) 822-6878.

1975 DIRECTOR/EDITOR  parts I & II of MN Women Historians' Series   30 min each - film
Films made to celebrate the history of MN Women in Education and MN Women in the Arts, (part III was MN Women in the Home) - produced through a Bicentennial award to The Women Historians of MN and in collaboration with KTCA. Available through WHOM


Good Grief Chronicles: Two Sisters Make a Memorial Upon Their Mother's Death 1984; Collection, 1982; Tomato Story, 1978; Orange Studies, 1977; Madsong, 1976; Sam E., 1976; Gone By, 1976; Susan Through Corn, 1974; Disappearance of Sue, 1972; Opening/Closing, 1972; A Round Feeling, 1970.

These films have won awards in various festivals, including: Ann Arbor, Great Lakes, Independent Filmmakers, S.F. Poetry, Sinking Creek, U.S.A.; and have comprised one-woman shows in N.Y.C., Philadelphia, Seattle, St. Paul, MN, Richmond, VA, Cologne, W. Germany.


2000 Otto Bremer Foundation to ReInventing Power project

2000 MN Women's Foundation to ReInventing Power project

1999 Kurz Family Grant awarded to ReInventing Power project

1998 Nominee for Rockefeller Film/Video Fellowship

1998 MN History Center Research Grant to ReInventing Power project

1998 Jerome Regional Film/Video Grant to ReInventing Power project

1997 Nominee for the Rockefeller Film/Video Fellowship

1996 The Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media/Funding Exchange (WOF distribution)

1995 MN State Humanities Commission Research Grant (WOF)

1994 Jerome Regional Film & Video Finishing Grant (WOF)

1993 MN State Art Board Fellowship (WOF)

1992 Film in the Cities Regional Film & Video Grant (WOF)

1992 Jerome Travel and Study Grant (WOF)

1992 Bush Artist's Fellowship (WOF)

1987 Minnesota State Arts Board Project Grant (Unwasted Stories)

1986 Film in the Cities Regional Film & Video Grant (Unwasted Stories)

1982 Film in the Cities Regional Film & Video Grant (Good Grief Chronicles)

1979 Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship (Good Grief Chronicles)

1976 American Film Institute (Madsong)


BFA in Graphic Design and Printmaking, Mpls. College of Art and Design, 1965-1968

Undergraduate work in Fine Arts/English, College of Great Falls, Montana 1963-65


Independent Feature Project (IFP)-North - one of the founding Board of Directors and membership chairman, 1988-1990; Advisory Board member since 1991.

Participant: MARC, Intermedia Arts, Screenwriters' Workshop, WIMA; mentor in WARM Mentorship Program; Twin Cities Women's Film Collective - core member, 1975-1990.


2001 Bush Artist Fellowship panelist

2001 MN Independent Film Fund panelist

1998 filmmaking instructor at College of St. Catherine

1996-97 Woman On Fire screening tours -

Boston, Portland, Seattle, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Nashville, Huntsville & Mobile, AL

1995 instructor at Mpls. College of Art and Design, Filmmaking lll

1980-96 grants panelist: Jerome Foundation (X2), MN State Arts Board; MN Humanities Commission 1986 invited Filmmaker at Sinking Creek Festival (Nashville, Tennessee)

1974-76 instructor at Mpls. College of Art and Design

1972-74 instructor at Film in the Cities, St. Paul, MN

1969-70 art director, Empire Photosound, film/slide production

1968 graphic designer under Weiming Lu, Mpls. City Planning