A film by Kathleen Laughlin

This hot fiery video

is dedicated to the proposition
that women love to watch and listen to other women like themselves
grapple with ideas about the B I G things that happen to us
around the time of  M  E  N  O  P  A  U  S  E
because they can then continue the process themselves...

A film by Kathleen Laughlin

Editing has begun on Harborers: Minnesota's Battered Women's Shelter Movement, a work which listens to women of the 70's who saw, acted, and sought justice for battered women.
NOW COMPLETED!   Read about the award winning feature length documentary THE CHILDREN REMEMBER: Life at the MN State Public School for Dependent and Neglected Children, 1886-1945

A film by Kathleen Laughlin
Info on old classics such as My People Are My Home,
the story of the late Meridel LeSueur, midwest matriarch and poet,
produced by the Twin Cities' Women's Film Collective in 1976;
or Kathleen's Old Shorts, a compilation of the filmmaker's early whimsical works; or Junkie! a dramatic journey through addiction, made in collaboration with At The Foot of the Mountain Theater; and more...
A film by Kathleen Laughlin

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  A film by Kathleen Laughlin
A film by Kathleen Laughlin  

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