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Unwasted, a film by Kathleen Laughlin

video released 1988        58 or 73 minute version        $20.00

Unwasted Stories  is a synthesis of artful, fun, and straight information on some of the many waste issues affecting Minnesota and other regions of our country...

The innovative structure moves easily from general environmental concerns to specifics about the Minneapolis incinerator being built at the time, new composting experiments, groundwater threats, and technological efficiency leaps which could lessen our need for so much pollution-generating electricity.

As a viewer, you are on a train, watching the midwest float by, hearing the unmistakable voice of poet Meridel LeSueur reading from her 1945 history, North Star Country. You are jolted into remembering that Minnesota was once so rich in natural resources, its indigenous inhabitants didn't have to work! Or you are shuffling through postcards hearing a typical Paul Bunyan hyperbolic tale. The 73 mostly serious minutes fly by, enhanced by the camera work of Tim Coursen, the animation of artist Alison Morse, the original music of Robert Hughes, the creative voices of Laurie Witzkowski and Melanie Miller, long slow camera moves on midwestern fossils, and some droll storytelling by regular folks.

The most serious minutes, however, are reserved for the wise views of environmental lobbyists George Crocker and Leslie Davis, whose passionate commitment to a better future teaches and inspires. Did we mention that it's entertaining? Shown on KTCA, the local PTV station, this work has reached many audiences.

Recommending it for high school, college and general audiences, Science Books and Films reviewer Thomas Cobb says "Its serious message effectively raises the viewer's level of consciousness and understanding of this important and contemporary envionmental problem."

Stumbling across an airing of UNWASTED STORIES on late night cable access in Minneapolis, the late and dear metro area politician Brian Coyle also gave it kudos.